First I was iridescent

Then I became transparent

Finally I was absent

–Grace Slick, “Starship”

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kate Burkart says:

    just stumbled onto an old post of yours about Hank Seiden – I also worked at Hicks & Greist many years ago. really enjoyed it, now on to exploring more recent posts…

  2. Arthur Kover says:

    Steve,what happened to your legs in the photo; they stopped just under the knees. Guess the advertising wars got to you.
    Or is the creeping advertising body-and-mind-eating bacterium?

  3. Arthur Meranus says:

    Great advertising lines suck the most when you don”t have one, and/or are too lazy to write one. Apple and Nike have spent so much on great ad lines that you just know them going in…


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