$5 foot longs are f—ing fabulous!

Vice President Biden caught on mic; calls health care bill a 'big f—ing deal'

How long before the F-bomb is dropped into advertising? It’s going to be in my lifetime, I’m pretty sure of that. And maybe even while I’m still sentient.

Why am I so sure? Because I hear it every night on teevee, and every day seeping through someone’s ear buds on the subway or the elevator. Advertising lags popular culture and mores, but only by about 5 years. By the time the generation of marketers raised on Jay-Z and The Sopranos makes it to the C-suite, you’re gonna hear advertising that sounds just like open-mike night at the White House.

By the way, not to carp or anything, but “big f—ing deal” usually means it’s not a big f—ing deal at all. What the Vice President meant to say was “…f—ing big deal” as in “That $5 foot long is f—ing fabulous!”


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