10 Ads I don’t want to see in #-D

With 3-D TVs already in stores at prices that are hurtling down towards the magic $1000 level, it’s time to think about the implications for advertising. 3-D opens up new vistas for product demos, sexual come-ons and intrusive spokespeople you didn’t want in your living room even when they were flat. Here, for example, are 10 spots I’m glad were made in the pre-3-D era and which I hope never return dimensionally enhanced:

1. Calvin Klein underwear. TMI times 3.

2. Olive Garden. Looks disgusting already.

3. Mohegan Sun. At least now I can look away.

4. Cialis. Ew.

5. Charmin. Too close for comfort.

6. Carl Paladino for Governor. Don’t tase me, bro!

7. Carnival Cruise Lines. No escape.

8. Mucinex. The stuff of nightmares.

9. Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Not going down that hole.

10. Progressive Insurance. Surround-Flo would be overwhelming.

“So that’s what occasional irregularity looks like.”

One thought on “10 Ads I don’t want to see in #-D

  1. Betsy says:

    You forgot the terrifying Snickers woman. It's the commercial version of that creepy sock puppet from the Saw movies!


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