Sharing is work.

No one would ever confuse me with one of Malcolm Gladwell’s Connector types. I’m not a schmoozer and I dislike blurring the boundaries between personal and business, much to my own detriment no doubt.

But let me state this plainly: sharing is work. I look at the pyroclastic flow of Tweets from that Mashable guy and I just get exhausted. And a little sad.

Last weekend I was a bachelor because Lindsay was visiting my daughter in DC. So I decided it would be my weekend of being digitally social. I would be multi-platform, synchronous, dynamic and engaged.

First I decided I would Tweet (I’ve had a Twitter account for a month, totally inactive). But about what? And to whom? And if I riff on someone else’s stuff, how do I keep the url of that person’s Tweet or post or whatever from hoovering up half of my 140 characters?

Also, if I Tweet, do I tell people about it on my blog? Or is it the other way around–tell people on Twitter I just added a blog post? And does that show up on Facebook? Should it?

Now my agency has a blog and a Twitter feed. Am I supposed to keep them all separate? Isn’t that the virtual equivalent of being schizoid?

Look, here’s an interesting article. Do I hog it for myself to RT on my own Twitter account? Do I take one for the team and send it to Seiden?

Are there people you can hire who will spend all day on Google looking for the urls you need to link your references?

I mean, who wants to do that? That’s worse than digging fence posts.

At least when you’re digging fence posts, your mind is free to wander.

Spending your day staring at 4 open, blinking dashboards, wondering how to parse your thoughts into packets to disburse into these gaping maws, is like putting your brain through a potato ricer.

And one more thing–there’s absolutely nothing refreshing about refreshing your page.

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