Pent-up supply.

Vegetable Soup 001It’s been around 9 months since my last post, enough to insure that what little relationship this blog had to the here and now has up and gone.

That’s freeing in a way, because instead of generating content, I can write. There is a difference and now that I’ve done both, I can say I much prefer the latter to the former.

For example, in content there is no place for words like latter and former, because the effort it takes to figure out which is which is apparently insurmountable. It makes your content less snackable, and lower snackability leads to less stickiness, which kills your analytics.

Well, my blog ain’t got no analytics, so I’m free to write rather than generate. I doubt the demand has built up over the last 12 months, but the supply sure has. Explications, complaints, ironic asides and petty jealousies have all built up into a simmering cassoulet that is the very antithesis of snackable. So let’s dole it out by the cupful over the next several days until we scrape the cauldron’s crusty bottom.

First up: what everybody missed about the Cadillac spot.

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