I’ll have an ad. Straight up, please.

I don’t know about you, but I like my ads served straight.

Not “under the radar.”
Not pretending to be blog, chat, tv show, editorial, video game, how-to manual or global positioning applet.

Are you advertising something to me? I want your name, your logo and your real web address.

When someone tells you something useful, or makes you laugh or helps you see things differently, don’t you want to know that person’s name?

What sends a lot of ads into Tivo oblivion isn’t that they’re ads but that they’re boring and stupid. People don’t need to be “disarmed” with unbranded ads masquerading as content. They just need a reason to care about the brand.

One thought on “I’ll have an ad. Straight up, please.

  1. Arthur C. Miller Jr. says:

    I recently watched a horrible movie called “The Island” that had so many product placements that I lost count. I didn’t like the movie but what turned dislike into contempt were all the shills. I don’t pay money to have products shoved ‘up in my face’ constantly. It adds insult to injury.


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