Period abuse.

Forgot to mention in my last post that this new Travelers campaign ends with this somewhat opaque slogan:

Not sure what it means, but I’ll let it go. It’s planner BS they had to paste onto the work to put it “on brief”. No, the thing I want to focus on is the period abuse. The. Way. An extra period. Is inserted. To make the line. Punchier.

Copywriters do this all the time. I know I have (Weight Watchers. Real food. Real life. Real results.). And there is a hilarious passage in Matthew Beaumont’s book E in which the agency’s hack Creative Director is ID’d by a former art director partner by the period abuse in his emails.

And no wonder. Maybe as a reaction to chronic period abuse by their writers, most art directors hate putting one period, let alone 2 or 3, in headlines or tag lines. Why mess up nicely kerned type with some random…dots?


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