Cultural Alzheimer’s?

The old cliche is that those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it.
In world affairs, the consequences are usually tragic. In advertising, they’re more often inadvertently hilarious.

Last night I heard Electric Light Orchestra’s “Hold on Tight to your Dreams” emanating from the TV and I thought, “What the fuck! The National Coffee Association is back on air?”

Because for those of us whose memories stretch back that far, that music is inextricably tied to a cheesy effort to make coffee hip. It was in the pre-Starbuck ’80s when coffee sales were tubing and an entire generation was chugging cola for breakfast.

Except now it’s the sountrack for the advertising for the new Honda Accord, which is a pretty good looking car from a pretty classy brand and now there’s a sonic layer of cheese all over it.

At least in my mind. But here’s my question: are the creators (and approvers) of the Honda work…
a) oblivious to the music’s prior advertising life?
b) aware but don’t care?
c) ironically commenting on it in some meta way that’s beyond my comprehension, like sampling crap 70s pop songs in rap beats?


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