63%? I’ll take it.

Advertising Age – New Book Reports 37% of All Advertising Is Wasted

Well, I know everyone is riffing off this news as confirmation of Wanamaker’s old crack about advertising, but for Chrissakes–63% of advertising works? I’ll take it.

30% gets you to the Hall of Fame in baseball. Success of new product introductions? Around 10% or less. Marriage success rate in the family-values lovin’ U.S. of A is around 50%.

Think about it: 63% of all the ads you see–mere images and words about foot odor and insurance and hamburger joints, competing for your attention with other unsought commercial messages as well as whatever content you’re actually trying to look at or read…do what they’re supposed to do.

If our industry wasn’t so drenched in self-loathing, we’d view this as vindication, not embarassment.


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