Super Bowl Bench Warmers

I think the big winners and losers have been pretty well documented, don’t you?

I’m sickly drawn in this post to the ads consigned to Purgatory, neither praised nor derided. I’m fascinated by the forgettable. If you’re going to pay $2.5 MM to air a spot, at least try. Take a shot. Fail Big, like Snickers or Garmin. But no. Anyone remember these?

Ford F 150. Lots of parts coming together to make…um…a truck. Like Honda’s “Cog” with all the coolness stripped away.

Prudential. Rocks are good for skipping. Rocks are good for massage. Rocks are good for…let me guess…I feel it coming…insurance.

Ford Edge. Let’s see, the vehicle’s name is “Edge” so let’s have it ride (in clumsy CGI) on the edge. And have some rocker sing “I like to live on the edge.” Which means, of course, that he doesn’t.

And my grand prix for Forgetability, the least remembered, least-talked about spot on the Super Bowl:

PNC Bank. They ran the pitch mood piece. Aimless vignettes of people walking, children smiling, people tapping on keyboads…what–you don’t remember? What about when the AVO talked about helping you meet your goals and your dreams? No? Surely you remember the line at the end:

PNC. Leading the way.

I did. Which is deeply troubling.

One thought on “Super Bowl Bench Warmers

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