In case you were considering a career in advertising…

…take a long hard look at this article from last week’s NYT magazine:

It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World – New York Times.

Especially this part:

“The plan is to build a global digital ad network that uses offshore labor to create thousands of versions of ads. Then, using data about consumers and computer algorithms, the network will decide which advertising message to show at which moment to every person who turns on a computer, cellphone or — eventually — a television.”

You thought globalization was only about customer service reps and toys made out of lead? Think again!

I don’t know what’s worse–exploiting cheap foreign labor to crank out endless versions of ads that suck in the first place; or the idea of being replaced by an algorithm. It’s not just media planners who should find this prospect frightening. Art directors, writers, planners, we’re all grist for the mill.

I’m a short-timer. A few more years and I hang up the spikes. So this shit won’t come down on me. But for people coming into the business, it’s a whole new reason to march at the next G-8 summit.


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