Ideate this.

I love the new IBM commercials that riff off the stupid jargon infecting the process of coming up with new ideas. One part New Age hooey, one part consultant corporate babble, one part Dr. Phil “everyone’s got a good idea” faux-empowerment, it’s all captured beautifully in this campaign.

Here’s my question: how many people within IBM (those good ol’ “internal stakeholders”) looked at these ads and didn’t get the joke? IBM, like most other big companies, especially in tech, can ideate with the best of them.

A cursory look through IBM’s website uncovered the following subjects:
“Expanding the innovation horizon”
“Drive strategic change”
“Transform your workforce”

That’s halfway home on Bullshit Bingo, the way I play it.

By the way, if you’ve never played it, pick up your score cards here.


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