Totally authentic bullshit.

In this week’s Adweek, someone named Kamau High wrote a nonsensical piece entitled “Six Trends You Should Know.” Trend #1: Authenticity.

The idea of authenticity as a fashion is so richly ironic and so sad, because it suggests that the author (and most of his readers) have no fucking idea of what authenticity is.

Authenticity is not a trend. It is the result of not knowing or not caring about trends. It’s a Carrhart barn jacket on a farmer, not on a hipster. It’s barbecue in the Texas hill country, not at Hill Country. It’s the Paris in France, not the one at Epcot.

The greatest thing ever written about authenticity–what it is, and why it matters–is Julian Barnes’ novel England, England. Read it. You won’t be sorry. Then continue on with Mr. High’s article on 2008 trends.

Trend #2: Faux Traditionalism.


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