These are gone. I’m still here.

I turned 60 today. Thirty six of those 60 years have been spent in The Belly of the Beast, churning out ads.

While the plot lines of this business are as well-worn as an old married couple’s arguments (clients are tasteless/account people are spineless/creatives are clueless), the vocabulary used to express it has changed. Here are 20 terms and names in common use in ad agencies when I started which are no more, thanks to technology, death and consultants: 


Hot type



Copy contact


Double truck




3/4 inch

Slop print




Burke opening

Spec (as a verb)


Above the Line/Below the Line

Elbert Budin

Want to know what these terms mean and too lazy to google them all? Go to, my agency’s blog, for the full rundown.

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One thought on “These are gone. I’m still here.

  1. John Bowman says:

    Many happy returns, Steve. And may your memories of those terms and times long past remain as fresh as the day you first learned them.

    As a fellow veteran, I recall the words in your litany, and chuckled over a quite a few.

    I also recognized the one that marked a major turning point. When 17.65 faded away, everything changed.

    Chinese proverb: When winds of change blow, some build walls and others build windmills.

    American wisdom: The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.


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